Living room

Living Room

The living room is a big one – the full depth of the property. It has French windows letting into the conservatory, with a full-width curtain across, and a bay window at the other end.

We had low-energy ceiling lights (two circuits, one for a low light, the other for brighter lighting) installed and we have installed a socket in the ceiling plus HDMI cabling back to the TV position (where the sat dish cable comes in) should the next owner want to install an overhead projector and have a cinema system. It was a bit of future-proofing but one project we never seemed to get around to!living room east

living room westThe room has laminate flooring throughout. There is a large radiator but, of course, the focal point of the room is the multi-fuel burner. It’s a 4.5kW unit which is fitted into an original fireplace. We are lucky that our home is in a ‘smokeless zone’ so we are able to use solid fuel. The burner is a hugely efficient, modern design which ‘reburns’ the smoke so that, when it is fully alight, no smoke leaves the chimney. We have found that it puts out so much heat we often have to open the living room door to let some heat upstairs!

The fireplace was made specially for us from slate, which comes up beautifully when rubbed with WD40! The flue has been swept and checked regularly but, in truth, the burner is so efficient, it doesn’t produce much soot.