11 Elliot Avenue is in a quiet cul-de-sac of architect-designed homes, each unique. It has a large, block-paved driveway which can accommodate as many as five cars. The drive has an offset portion which can be used to park a trailer or

The houseĀ is double-skinned and insulated, with double glazing in all windows with the exception of the front door. It has a large, dwarf-wall conservatory and a double garage which has a side door for access from the house.front-door

The house has large eaves front and back, which have some advantages, not least of which is preventing rain from reaching the upstairs windows – very useful if you want to leave them open to freshen up the house and ensures they rarely need cleaning.

The bay window to the living room faces south, and lets in plenty of light, as does the glazed front door.

The double garage has the advantage of a pitched roof, so a lot of loft storage. You could, of course, put your car in it but it has potential for conversion into an office, studio or workshop space, as it is properly wired with its own fuse board.