As a New Town, Peterborough was networked with off-road cycle paths from the start, and it can be quicker to cycle the 3 miles or so into the city than take the bus or drive. It’s a lovely route, heading down to the river, and following its course through stunning countryside to the city’s Town Bridge. Alternative, faster routes cut through local housing but hardly any of the route will be on the road, so it’s safe for children, too. IndeEd, the current owners’ children always biked to school, and elsewhere.peterborough_greenwheel-330x260
Peterborough is also circled by The Green Wheel – a fantastic cycle route for a sunny afternoon, with plenty of pretty places to stop and picnic. Again, 95% of this route is away from roads, and if it does follow a road, usually a quiet- minor road.
Cycling is growing at a phenomenal pace in Peterborough as an alternative to driving. The city has two or three very good bicycle shops, and plenty of CCTV-monitored cycle racks. The rail station, too, is very cycle-friendly.


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Last Modified: June 6, 2015

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