Peterborough is not only networked by excellent public transport, but has a direct, 50-minute rail service to central London (King’s Cross).


The East Coast Mainline is a major attraction for commuters, having a frequent, reliable service reaching King’s Cross in around 50 minutes. Let’s be truthful here; it’s not cheap at around £7,000 a year, but then it buys a quality of life because you get so much more home for your money in Peterborough – four bedrooms and a lovely garden for little more than an average flat. An alternative rail link taking around 1hr 15 mins to Kings Cross will save you around half the cost. Peterborough also has good rail links with Cambridge, and a London Stansted Airport link which is not only great value but which takes you right into the airport – excellent if you travel a lot for work.


Peterborough is networked with an excellent bus service, just three minutes’ walk from 11 Elliot Avenue, which has a 10-minute frequency, taking you just 200 metres’ walk from the rail station. Journey time is around 20 minutes at peak times.

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Last Modified: June 6, 2015

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